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AI Sales Bot Development Services

With our chatbot development services, you may improve customer engagement and streamline processes. We use generative AI & ML to create chatbots that are responsive and easy to use for a variety of industries.

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Features We Implement ASAP Into Your Conversational AI Chatbot

Context-Aware Chatbot

Enable your chatbot to relate users' follow-up questions to conversation history, providing highly detailed personalized answers. Our chatbots understand user context, session context, and industry-specific contexts, ensuring a continuous flow in the conversation.

Intent-Based Chatbot

Train your chatbot to recognize user intent, accurately interpreting messages to provide relevant, personalized responses in real-time. We perform intent classification, grouping messages into intents like bookings, scheduling, order tracking, and more.

Omnichannel Chatbot

Operate your chatbot seamlessly across all channels, eliminating the need for rebuilding. Manage conversations centrally while users receive responses through their preferred channels, including websites, messengers, mobile apps, email, and voice assistants.

Private and Secure Interactions

Our chatbots offer enterprise-level security, ensuring the privacy and safety of your interaction data. Suitable for industries where data security is crucial.

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AI Chatbot Consultancy...

With over 10 Yrs in SEO and Conversion Optimization, Jimmy Ombom recognized the need for Instagram & Facebook businesses to engage with customers in a more personalized and efficient manner. He understood that leveraging AI and automation could streamline sales processes and deliver a superior customer experience.

Jimmy Ombom

Founder, GetsalesBot

How it works

Consultation: Begin with a personalized consultation where we discuss your business needs in the Kenyan market. We'll understand your industry, target audience, and specific requirements for an AI Sales Bot.

Customization: Our team customizes the AI Sales Bot to align with your business goals and the unique dynamics of the Kenyan market. This includes tailoring functionalities, language preferences, and industry-specific features.

Design and Development: We design and develop the AI Sales Bot with a focus on user experience, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your existing systems. The development process incorporates features like context-aware responses, multilingual capabilities, and omnichannel functionality.

Testing: Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the AI Sales Bot performs effectively in the Kenyan context. We address any issues, optimize performance, and verify that the bot meets your business objectives.

  • Browse Templates

  • Template Selection: Choose from a range of AI Sales Bot templates tailored for businesses in Kenya. These templates are designed to accelerate the development process, providing a solid foundation for customization.

    Industry-Specific Templates: Explore templates crafted for various Kenyan industries, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and retail. Select the template that aligns with your business focus for a quicker deployment.

  • Download & Install

  • Download: Once you've selected a template or finalized the customization details, download the AI Sales Bot package tailored for your Kenyan business.

    Installation Guidance: Follow our comprehensive installation guides tailored for Kenyan businesses. Our team is available to provide support and assistance during the installation process.

    Integration with Systems: Seamlessly integrate the AI Sales Bot with your existing systems in Kenya. We ensure compatibility and provide guidance on optimizing the integration for maximum efficiency.

  • Go Live!

  • Launch Strategy: Develop a launch strategy for your AI Sales Bot in Kenya. Determine the channels through which it will operate, whether on your website, popular messengers, mobile apps, or other platforms.

    User Training: Ensure your team is familiar with the AI Sales Bot's capabilities and how to manage interactions. We provide training resources and ongoing support for a smooth transition.

    Monitor and Optimize: After going live, monitor the AI Sales Bot's performance. Analyze user interactions, gather feedback, and optimize the bot's responses to continually enhance its effectiveness in the Kenyan market.

    Instagram & Facebook Messenger Chatbots Development Pricing

    We have got you covered with various plans that suits your marketing budget.



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    Why work with us

    Working with us is your shortcut to growing your Instagram account rapidly.

    Customized Plan

    Just like every business is different, with their specific needs, every inst is different. And we build a customized plan for each Brand.

    100% Managed

    Once you are onboarded with us, you just have to see your account grow, and forget about anything else. We take care of everything right from content, to growth.

    Experienced Marketers

    We are different than other agencies because all our employees have helped grow hundreds of Instagram accounts, so they know what they are doing.

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    Who Choose Getsales Bot

    Benefits of Implementing AI Chatbot in Business

    Informing Decision-Making

    Analyze massive data sets to yield actionable insights that enhance decision-making, refining business strategies.

    Driving Sales and Leads

    Contribute significantly to lead generation and sales by harnessing and analyzing customer information, recommending suitable products, and delivering personalized offers.

    Enhancing Internal Communication

    Streamline communication with vendors, suppliers, and employees, providing immediate access to relevant data, documents, and resources.

    Personalized User Experiences

    Identify individual customers, providing tailored experiences based on their preferences, enhancing customer support and automating the sales process.

    Workflow Automation

    Address common questions and provide self-service options, minimizing the need for human involvement and optimizing resource allocation.

    24/7 Rapid Support

    Offer instant replies, keeping prospects engaged and preventing them from navigating away unattended.

    Trusted by 100s of happy customers

    Working with us is your shortcut to growing your Instagram account rapidly.

    Getsalesbot transformed my e-commerce business in Kenya! Their AI Sales Bot not only streamlined customer interactions but also boosted sales. The personalized approach and multilingual capabilities made a significant impact. The team's expertise in tailoring the bot to the Kenyan market is commendable. Highly recommend their services!



    Implementing an AI Sales Bot from Getsalesbot was a game-changer for our finance firm in Kenya. The bot seamlessly integrated with our systems, providing instant responses to client queries. The security measures implemented are top-notch, crucial for our industry. The team's dedication to understanding our specific needs sets them apart. Great experience!



    Getsalesbot delivered beyond our expectations for our HealthTech startup in Kenya. The AI Sales Bot not only engaged users effectively but also contributed to lead generation. The context-aware responses and omnichannel functionality were key to our success. Their commitment to ongoing optimization ensures our bot stays at the forefront of the industry. Exceptional service!



    Frequently asked questions

    All your queries are answered here. If you have something specific to ask, then please do email our support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    1. What is AI Sales Bot Development?

    AI Sales Bot Development involves creating intelligent chatbots powered by artificial intelligence to enhance sales processes. These chatbots can interact with customers, answer queries, recommend products, and contribute to lead generation and conversion.

    3. What is the process for developing an AI sales bot?

    Getsales process typically involves:

    understanding your business goals,

    defining the bot's functionalities,

    designing the conversation flow,

    training the AI model,

    and integrating the bot with your CRM system.

    This is the frequently asked questions section. Here you answer the questions that are a possible objection for your visitor to make the final purchase. Or you can include the most common questions that you think your customer might have.

    2. How can an AI Sales Bot benefit my business?

    AI Sales Bots can automate routine tasks, provide instant responses to customer queries, offer personalized recommendations, and contribute to lead generation. GETSALES bot templates enhance customer engagement, streamline sales processes, and ultimately boost revenue for online businesses.

    This is the frequently asked questions section. Here you answer the questions that are a possible objection for your visitor to make the final purchase. Or you can include the most common questions that you think your customer might have.

    This is the frequently asked questions section. Here you answer the questions that are a possible objection for your visitor to make the final purchase. Or you can include the most common questions that you think your customer might have.

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